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July 5, 2013
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  Italy had really been trying to get your attention, but it didn't seem to work. He'd liked you for almost two years now, ever since you two had met. He didn't know if you didn't like him or just couldn't see that he liked you. Either way he continued trying as hard as he could. Sometimes he would hint towards liking you, but you didn't seem to catch on.

  He sat through Germany explaining the training he had to do, but all he could do was think of you. Tonight was going to be the night where he'd tell you his true feelings. If he couldn't subtly tell you that he liked you, then he'd just have to go one step further. He smiled at the thought. Germany on the other hand didn't seem too thrilled to have him staring off into space like that.

  He always waited outside for you to get off work, because he liked to walk you home. After all he didn't live too far away. So when you finished work you saw him standing outside just like always.

  "Hello, Italy." You said, smiling at him. He seemed a bit more nervous than usual as he said his hellos. You furrowed your eyebrows. "Are you okay, Italy?," You asked him. You seemed frowned slightly, wondering what was wrong. He shook his head quickly and said no. Hm, you thought. I wonder what's on his mind! But you started to walk with him anyways, trying to brush it off.

  You tried to get your mind off of the odd greeting by starting some idle conversation with him. Even when you got close to your house, he still seemed a bit off. You were hoping nothing really big had happened that you should know about. You honestly almost never saw him this nervous.

  When you both walked up the steps to his front porch, you grabbed your front door keys. That's when he spoke up.

  "I, uh... I have something to ask you!" He spoke with more confidence than before, but he was still a bit worried about what your answer was going to be.

  "And that would be?," You asked him as you turned the key. You both stepped in as he continued.

  "I've been thinking for awhile about this, but.. How would you.." He paused, trying to gather what he was going to ask clearly. "How would you like to go out sometime?," He asked hopefully. You stopped in your tracks, trying to register what he'd just asked. The question was quite unexpected. You turned, trying to see if he was being serious.

  "Really? Because if you're serious- yes!" You would have said that better, but with your long time crush it was a bit hard to contain yourself properly. His eyes lit up and he smiled. He really didn't have anything to worry about. He hugged you tightly. "Where did you have in mind?"

  That made his smile grow. He pulled away from the embrace to speak to you again about his plans.

  "I thought we could go get pasta!" You should have expected that from him. It was his favorite dish after all. You nodded, now realizing why he had been so off today. You pulled him into another hug, glad that your dream had just come true.
Second fic, which I didn't spend as much time on. I might write some better ItalyxReader fics but here for now :3 Leave feedback, please.

Hetalia, Italy, and you don't belong to me.
Fab-912 Jul 6, 2013  Student General Artist
(Translation: it was really cute)

Nervous Italy~ :iconyayitaliaplz:
TheWritingArtist0203 Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. :)
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