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September 2, 2013
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  "Arthur." you said to the demon sitting and reading a book. He looked up from his book.

  "Yes, love?" he asked. You walked around to the front of the couch, where you sat.

  "When will I get to visit Earth again?"

  "Well," he said. Then he paused. He wasn't exactly sure about that! He had never actually put much thought into that. He furrowed his eyebrows and sat back, trying to think. You waited patiently for a few moments before looking down a bit.

  "You.. Never actually thought about it, did you?"

  "Hm? Yes I did! I just.. Never actually figured out when." he said. You crossed your arms.

  "Okay, then is this open to discuss?" you asked. He looked at you, and nodded.

  "I suppose."

  "Well then, what about.. Tomorrow!" you suggested. You didn't have anything to do, so it wasn't like you were going to miss anything important here. Arthur stared at you for a moment and agreed.

  "If that's what you want."

  "Then it's settled," you said. "We go tomorrow!" you smiled. Tomorrow, September 3rd. Arthur chuckled and went back to reading, and you snuggled close to him to read with him.

  You woke up in Arthur's arms, as usual. You checked the clock and sat up. Arthur shifted before groaning.

  "Ugh.. What time is it?"

  "Nine forty-five." you replied. He sat up quickly.

  "It is? Then we'd better get ready!" he said. He stood up and asked what you would like to wear.

  "Well, seeing as most people don't dress too fancy when they're just out and about.. Let's go for something more casual." you said.

  "I'll send Grace up to help you with that then, love!" he said as he turned. He walked out and downstairs, and you sat on the edge of your bed. You smiled at the thought of being able to go back to your house and see things again. You realized that you'd need an excuse for why you had been gone for so long. After all, it had been around two months since anyone had last seen you.

  That made you wonder. Had anyone realized that you were gone? Your brothers, or dad? What had happened after you were gone? Had anyone looked for you, and were they still looking for you? These were some very important questions that you knew needed to be answered.

  Just then you heard the door open. In stepped Grace, who helped you pick out a nice shirt and loose jeans to wear. You thanked her, and she left you with your thoughts to change.

  You walked down the steps, wearing a plain T-Shirt, loose jeans, and boots. Arthur smiled when he noticed you enter the room.

  "Are you ready now?" he asked. You nodded and walked up to him. You closed your eyes and he teleported you to where you wanted to go.

  You took a look around, realizing that you were right in front of your house. You searched your purse for the keys, finding them somewhere at the bottom. You walked up the walk and unlocked the door, before pushing it open. It looked just as it did when you left it to go to work. It was dark, so you flipped the switch to light the room up. Yeah, everything was just as you left it.

  Except for the strange pile of letters sitting on your coffee table.

  You walked up to it, sitting on the couch and examining the pile. Some were unpaid bills, and some were from your brother. He had noticed your disappearance apparently, but not before attempting to send you multiple letters trying to get a hold of you. You picked your phone up and brushed it off. You had forgotten to take that with you to work that day, so you never actually got to receive any of the calls made to you.

  You looked up at Arthur, who was looking at the pictures sitting on the mantle of your fireplace. One was of you and your two friends, [Friend one] and [Friend two]. The three of you were standing close, and the two friends were smiling. You were too, but just barely. The smile didn't seem at all real. The next picture was of you and your family when you were very young, maybe five or six years old. You, your brothers, and both of your parents stood in it. You were smiling happily into the camera. In all of the pictures dated after that, you either didn't smile, or the smile was fake.

  He looked back at you, who was now staring at the letters and text messages you'd received. As you got to the more recent ones, they seemed more panicked. The last texts were sent two weeks ago. It read:

4:04 pm: Hey, [Name]! I don't know where you're at, or what you're doing, but I'm coming over today to check out your house. Hopefully you've just been really busy or something, and haven't had time to read any of this. I would be really sad if something had happened to you! So please, please be there. See you then, love [Brother name].

6:18 pm: Oh god, oh god. Where are you, [Name]?! You're not at you're house, and we're really worried about you now. Please, please respond.

7:32 pm: Okay, if this is a joke, this isn't funny. Did something happen? Where are you at?? I can come get you if you want. Come on, I need you to respond!

Tues. August 19th

12:53 am: I asked your boss, and he said that you hadn't been to work in about two months. Two months! Lil sis, I need to know where you are! I asked your friends, and they said the same thing. Something's seriously wrong, and I need to know what! Please tell me you have your phone!

2:36 pm: I called the cops, and they're going to search for you. If you can, please come home!! We're seriously worried about you. I'd die if something happened to you! If you can tell me where you're at, I will come get you. Please please please!

  You wondered what had happened after that. Hopefully he hadn't hurt himself because of this. You decided to call him, and arrange a meeting. You had a lot of explaining to do...
There will probably only be two or three parts to this little "episode" of sorts.
England, Hetalia, and you don't belong to me!
must read more! very interesting!~ :D 
sillystorm28 Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
hmmm intriguing 
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